How Does It Work?

How does our process work? You will work one-on-one with a member of our production team. Your dedicated newsletter designer will work with you on all aspects of your newsletter.

1. Choose Your Plan and Signup!

The first step is to sign up: choose the type of plan you want (Classic or Enhanced) and the frequency of your e-newsletters (Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Monthly, or Quarterly). As soon as we get your signup details, we'll send you a Welcome Letter with further instructions.

2. Get Your Template

After signing up, the first task your designer will help you with is creating your template. Based on your company's branding, your designer will design and code a reusable email template for you. No pre-fab templates here! You can choose a standard template or a responsive template and we'll customize it for you.

3. Get Your Content

If you choose our Enhanced or Maximized plans, you'll get access to our content database. You can choose articles from the database for your e-newsletter issues; your e-newsletter can rely solely on the database content, or it can supplement the content you create yourself. If you don't have a plan that includes content access, then you will need to send your content in to your newsletter designer.

4. Get Your Draft

Your newsletter designer will take the content you choose or submit, and will create an e-newsletter draft. They'll send the link to you so you can view it and send feedback or corrections.

5. Send!

Once you've approved your e-newsletter, you can send it yourself by uploading or importing it into the email service or tool of your choice. If you're using an online service such as MailChimp or Constant Contact, your newsletter designer can do this for you if given access. And then you're done!

Info Worried about forgetting? We will send you a reminder 4-5 days before it's time to get started on your e-newsletter. Your newsletter designer will prompt you too if it gets late in the month.


We encourage you to customize your content. Your newsletter is a great way to communicate about events, seminars, lunch and learns, specials, and any other items of interest to your customers. Many companies also include an employee or customer spotlight.

You will have access to our database of content for use in your newsletters to supplement any of your own custom content. This database is updated monthly to ensure fresh content choices, and includes articles and monthly items such as business continuity tips, cartoons, and quotes. Our content is focused on the SMB market.


Please know that it is your responsibility to choose/provide the content for your company e-newsletter. We will do our best to remind you and help you with this process by sending email reminders to a contact that you designate.

Billing will not be adjusted if you choose to skip a month or you miss a month after we have sent our reminders. We provide a standard newsletter that you may opt to use if you do not want to choose your own articles; we can send this newsletter on your behalf if you miss a month. Read our Terms of Use.