Fortinet LAN Edge Security – Security-Driven Networking


Whether you are a security-conscious business owner or an information security professional, Fortinet LAN Edge Security is the most comprehensive security solution available today. You can easily protect your network and devices from the FortiGate firewall to the FortiSDM WAN solution against cyber-attacks and other external threats.

FortiOS 7.2

Using the power of security-driven networking, Fortinet delivers true security-as-a-service for hybrid networks. This enables organizations to secure the entire LAN edge, providing the agility, performance, and scale necessary to stay ahead of emerging threats. Fortinet provides a unified platform for security and switching in networking, allowing security to scale as the network evolves dynamically.

FortiOS 7.2, the latest release of Fortinet’s flagship operating system, expands the company’s leadership position and offers new ways to converge networking and security. With over 300 new features, the latest release provides security and automation capabilities to help customers compete in the digital marketplace. The release also includes advanced AI-powered services for protecting against threats.

Fortinet’s new LAN Edge solution integrates security into FortiGate, enabling comprehensive protection for the LAN infrastructure. It streamlines the management of global networks and simplifies configuration. The solution also features automated, segmented segmentation. This feature leverages the power of centralized management consoles and orchestration. It also helps to create improved visibility across all work locations.

The updated Fortinet NGFW now includes a cloud access security broker that enables zero trust network access traffic inspection. It also relieves the pressure on SOC specialists by taking care of tier-one security analysis.


Embedding an artificial intelligence component into the LAN edge security solution can help improve visibility and reduce the complexity of LAN infrastructure. It can also help increase performance and decrease overall TCO.

Fortinet’s LAN Edge Security solution offers a comprehensive solution for LAN infrastructure. It centralizes LAN management and security functions into a single appliance. This helps reduce the total cost of ownership and simplifies day-to-day operations. It also allows seamless integration across the network edges, thereby reducing user disruptions and increasing performance.

Fortinet’s LAN edge security solution also features advanced security capabilities. It includes advanced traffic detection and control, which provides an effective solution for enterprises to protect their networks and users. It also enables end-to-end segmentation and creates improved visibility. Moreover, it can be managed with a single FortiManager-FortiAnalyzer instance.

The LAN edge is a key attack surface for any organization. This is where cybercriminals deploy increasingly sophisticated attack methods. Therefore, it is crucial to implement the right solution. In addition, it is important to ensure that all LAN edge services are integrated.


Whether you are looking for enhanced protection or better performance, Fortinet LAN Edge Security offers a simple, effective solution to protect your LAN infrastructure. Using a single platform, the solution integrates LAN and security functions and consolidates all network management into a single FortiGate appliance. It also eliminates the need for any additional licensing.

The solution delivers real-time protection from unknown malware and other threats by blocking and quarantining known and unknown threats. A single view of a complex LAN network reduces unintended disruptions and makes for simpler, more efficient management. Embedded intelligence provides insights and troubleshooting for common networking issues. The Advanced Device Protection service separates the Internet of Things from other systems and enforces relevant policies based on automated pattern matching.

Fortinet offers a simplified network access control (NAC) solution that all Fortinet customers can leverage. The new FortiLink NAC solution is centrally managed, making it easy to use on campus or in branch offices. It also simplifies the deployment process by enabling auto-discovery and segmentation. This feature ensures that OT and third-party devices are automatically configured and secured within a secured segment.


Using Fortinet’s LAN edge security solution, organizations can reduce the number of security devices and simplify network management. In addition, the LAN edge solution combines multiple technologies to provide better protection and performance. Unlike other solutions that require overlays or complex licensing, Fortinet’s solution eliminates these challenges while reducing the overall TCO.

As a global leader in integrated cybersecurity solutions, Fortinet is focused on driving innovation. Their products help customers and partners compete safely in the digital marketplace. They have been named a Visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Wired and Wireless LAN Infrastructure for two years in a row.

Fortinet’s LAN edge security solutions simplify network management by centralizing LAN management functions into one appliance, the FortiGate. The FortiGate delivers automated visibility, configuration, and policy management to protect the network. Its embedded intelligence provides insights and helps control access.

Fortinet’s LAN Edge solution also includes built-in network access control and integrated pervasive security. These functions are easily managed by IT staff, enabling them to focus on strategic initiatives. The solution provides a holistic view of the network while leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve the performance of the network.


Designed to reduce cybersecurity risk and increase bandwidth, Fortinet LAN Edge Security offers a comprehensive solution for protecting your LAN infrastructure. With AI-driven threat protection, automated threat detection, and advanced analytics, this solution provides protection from malware, viruses, and ransomware.

With Fortinet, you can secure your network with a single, integrated solution that simplifies management and saves time and money. Your IT staff can focus on more strategic initiatives.

Fortinet’s LAN Edge Solution consolidates network management and security into one platform. This simplifies day-to-day operations and increases visibility and performance. With embedded intelligence, you can better troubleshoot common networking issues. Fortinet also offers integration with other third-party security tools. Unlike other solutions, your LAN will stay protected without compromising performance.

With AI-driven URL, DNS, and video filtering services, you can address various threats and attacks. This includes a zero-trust network access traffic inspection service. You can also leverage the Fabric Rating servic

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