How To Use The Latest Linkedin Features To Market Your Business


LinkedIn has a number of new features that can be used in enhancing business growth and finding new customers. The online network has more than 175 million users in more than 200 countries. LinkedIn is dubbed‘the largest professional network’ – but it can be more than a networking site. There are several unique features which businesses can take advantage of for their ultimate gain. Here are six LinkedIn marketing tools that can be beneficial to companies.

Company Pages

Those who do not already have one should create a page for their company. The LinkedIn company page allows firms to promote their products and services to a wide pool of professionals in various industries. A firm’s LinkedIn page is where potential clients will go to find out what the company deals with, which could result in greater sales and exposure. Setting up a LinkedIn company page is simple using the directions provided on the site. However, falsely using another company’s profile to do business is considered as fraud.


This is a great feature for companies that are testing a new product or have an idea for a new service. It provides a means for companies to engage with the online community of professionals. These professionals can then provide valuable feedback that a business can use to improve a product or service which can also be shared through other social networking sites. Firms can embed voting tools on their websites to encourage dialogue with people. LinkedIn also provides a systematic guide on how to install the voting tool on a website.

Recommendation Ads

This feature can be used by businesses to get resounding endorsements of their products and services. The recommendation ads allow businesses to highlight their products and services to millions of LinkedIn users. When a member recommends a good or service, that recommendation is circulated to everyone in their network in the form of an advertisement. The rates for each ad vary but businesses can set a limit on the amount of money they plan to spend.

Display Ads

This is an effective tool for targeting specific customers with various product messages. The feature works in the same way as that of any other social networking platform. Businesses can use this feature to place ads of their company on LinkedIn. This feature also allow a business to create adverts that target audiences with certain demographic characteristics or location. Businesses can develop their ads, track the number of times the ad has been viewed and get other information to ensure that the advertisement has the intended effect.

Status Updates

LinkedIn status update features can be used to promote a business, but should be used carefully. Posting anything other than professional information is frowned upon and can dent the reputation of a business. Businesses should only share information that is helpful to the people and organizations in their network.


This feature allows businesspersons to contact anyone directly even if the person is not on their professional network. LinkedIn guarantees a response in less than a week and if there is no response, LinkedIn sends an InMail to the sender. This is a great way for entrepreneurs to contact people so that they can do direct business.

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