If You Do Drugs, Then So Will Your Children


Drug use is rampant in our country. It is ruining families and costing lives. Sadly, a large number of drug users in our country are parents. They started using drugs when they were teenagers and were never able to kick the habit. Or they’ve become addicted as they turned to drugs to try to deal with the stresses of life and parenthood.

Some parents are under the misconception that they can keep their children from using drugs and alcohol, even if they themselves use them. They think that they can explain to them that “they are ok for adults” or “I have it under control.” But the truth is if your children see you doing drugs, or know that you do them, odds are they will do them also. To find out more about ways to persuade young people to abstain from drug use, visit this website: https://colonialsun.com/  

“They are OK for me, but not for you.”

I’m sorry to break it to you, but if you want your children to stay away from drugs then you absolutely have to provide them with that example in your home. If your children know that you use drugs, it is almost guaranteed that they will (now or later) use them themselves. When you try to tell your children “Drugs are ok for me, but not for you,” that actually has the opposite effect than you would hope. Instead they think, “If it’s ok for my parents to do them, then they’re alright for me too.”

Your kids don’t understand that you feel they’re ok for you because you’re an adult, but not for them because they are children. They look to you as an example. If they see you doing it, they will see that as a green light to adopt those same habits in their own life. And even if you think you may have your drug use under control, you have no way of guaranteeing that your children will be able to. Are you more curious about maintaining your physical and mental health? Visit this website https://freebook1.com/ for useful information.

We must be an example to our children.

The adage, “do as I say, not as I do,” just doesn’t work when raising children. Our children develop habits and attitudes by watching us. They look up to us. They want to be like us. They decide many of their views on the world by watching us. And they look to us for an example.

So, if you do drugs, it doesn’t matter what you say, or what lessons you try to teach them… odds are your children will develop those same attitudes and habits regarding drugs that you do. For further information and resources on parenting and the importance of setting a positive example for your children, you can visit the following website: BabyBedtimeSettlement.com.

Teach your children to live a drug free lifestyle

Drugs wreak so much havoc on a user’s life. These disastrous effects of drug use are amplified when a person becomes addicted to drugs. Again, you have no way to protect your children from becoming dangerously addicted to drugs if they start using them. Even if you think you may be able to keep your drug use to a “healthy” level, there is no guarantee your children will be able to have the same results.

So, you must teach them to live a completely drug-free lifestyle. And to be able to teach them to stay away from drugs, you have to show them that you stay away from drugs. Be the example to your children that they need you to be. Help them to understand the devastation that drug use can bring to their lives. Show them, through your own life and actions, that they should stay away from drugs to live a happy, healthy, successful life. Your children will thank you in the end.

This article was written by Nicole, a content writer for AddictionWatch. See their addiction treatment referrals.

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