How To Welcome Guests In Your New Apartment


Moving from a house to an apartment is a very common option for people at a middle age who do not need a huge family home any more or simply want to reduce the extra costs in order to save as much as possible from their retirements. No matter the reason more and more people decide to change the place they live in and replace the big house with an apartment. However, the smaller dwelling does not necessary mean that you will not be able to welcome guests or to organize parties and family reunions. With a few simple steps and careful planning, you can still invite all your friends and family at your place.  To get more information on how to write a pleasant letter for inviting guests visit this website:  

Just follow the steps outlined below.

  • Make sure you have made a plan of the space. Start from the very beginning. And by “the very beginning” we mean the moment when you buy the apartment and start furnishing it. Yes, we know it might sound a bit early but it is not! Choose and buy furniture that can serve multiple tasks. For example buy a couple of huge extra pillows, they look great as a decoration on your sofa and when you have guests they can serve as extra seats. As far as the tables are concerned – make sure to choose that can expand when necessary, this simple trick will add more space when it comes to serving the meals.
  • Remove all unnecessary decorative furniture. No matter how sweet they might look their removing will add more space to the apartment and will make it look bigger.
  • Do not feel ashamed to ask for help. One very simple thing can make the process of preparing for the family reunion or friends’ dinner much easier. Ask every guest to bring something. If everyone invited prepares and brings an appetizer, a salad, a desert, etc., the time that you should otherwise spend in preparation will decrease significantly and the kitchen will remain clean and tidy. Besides this way every guest will be involved in the preparations for the day.
  • Make all the necessary arrangements for the time after the party is over. Make sure that all of the guests that will need an accommodation where to spend the night will have it arranged because the smaller apartment you are living in now means that there is less room for guests to stay for the night.
  • If some of the guests are coming with their children make sure to prepare a separate space for them away from the room where the adults are. Of course, you should be sure that the room is safe enough and there are no items that might possibly cause harm to the youngest guests.
  • Prepare simple meals. Unless it is a formal dinner, you’d better cook simple food that will be easily to eat in case people can’t fit around the table and have to sit on the coach for example. A buffet breakfast is a very good idea of welcoming your guests, put everything on the table and let guests take what they want in the plates provided.

Yes, welcoming guests into an apartment rather than in a house can be a bit more difficult but with the right preparations you will see that it still can be fun.

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